Florian Drucke to lead BVMI as CEO and join the IFPI Mainboard

22nd September 2017

It was announced today that Florian Drucke, Managing Director of the German Music Industry Association (Bundesverband der Musikindustrie or BVMI), will represent Germany's music industry on an international level at the Mainboard of IFPI.

Drucke has also been appointed to the position of Shareholders' Representative (Gesellschaftervertreter) at Germany's Collecting Society for Neighbouring Rights (Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten or GVL. He will carry out his role as BVMI 'Geschaftsfuhrer'/CEO in cooperation with an honorary executive committee set to be elected at the shareholders meeting this autumn.

Frances Moore, IFPI CEO commented: "I am delighted to welcome Florian to the IFPI Main Board as the BVMI representative. We have worked together for many years and I know the tremendous qualities that he will bring to the work and his dedication to representing the German recorded music industry."

BVMI board members issued the following statements with regard to the decision:

Frank Briegmann (President Central Europe Universal Music and Deutsche Grammophon): "Florian Drucke is not only a proven expert but also a passionate advocate for the interests of the music and cultural industries in Germany. I have no doubt that he will bring his tremendous qualities just as effortlessly to the international stage and I wish him much success".

Bernd Dopp (Chairman & CEO Warner Music Central Europe): "We value Florian Drucke's many years of work and his ongoing commitment to the common cause of the music industry very highly. For that reason, we are completely confident that he will more than live up to the considerably expanded scope of his duties and responsibilities. We wish him much success going forward".

Philip Ginthor (CEO Sony Music Entertainment GSA: "Florian Drucke is a highly competent and passionate defender of the interests of the creative industries. Indeed, he represents the hopes and concerns of artists and the industry with great eloquence and verve. I am delighted that he will now be expanding his role to include the IFPI and I wish him all the best!"

Konrad von Lohneysen (Managing Director, Embassy of Music and Associate Members' Spokesperson): "Florian Drucke has long since proven that he understands the industry's interests and the key concerns of all players, whether large or small. Paired with his clear passion for music, he is the complete package!"

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